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Optimize control system

Turbine control system installation, testing, and commissioning

Stat-of-art digital control

Control system integrity with process field control system to have plant-level solution

Remote control interface of the local unit control

Individualized training courses for operators and maintenance persona.

Training MKVIE Simulators.


Our experience covers fault level coordination, cable sizing, procurement and installation of equipment, as well as testing and commissioning, maintenance of the following:

o   Switchgears.

o   Transformers.

o   MCC, Controls and Instrumentation.

o   Lighting installation.

o   HV, LV, & Control cabling.

o   Battery chargers and UPS.

o   Grounding and lighting protection systems.

o   Cathodic Protection System, installation & maintenance.

o   AIS and GIS HV Substations.


Detailed procurement, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the following:



o   Plant instrumentation.

o   Process control, field and panel mounted instruments.

o   Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

o   Systems Integration.

o   Fire & Gas and ESD systems.

o   Metering systems.

o   Analyzer systems.

o   Communications systems.

o   Instrument calibration services.

o   Start-up support and commissioning systems.


Lump sum turnkey projects on EPC basis for new or expansion of existing and new power plants.

Wide range of technical support services with a focus on gas turbines, both heavy industrial and area derivative generating units.

Manpower for technical support services including installation, commissioning of new equipment, technical advising and assistance, field engineering, commissioning, startup and troubleshooting services.

Turnkey services for complete gas turbine, gas generator, hot sections, power turbines, combustion inspections and major overhauls.

Major and minor plant installations.

Maintenance, repair, overhaul and condition monitoring of Rotating & reciprocating equipment for power plants, oil & gas petrochemical and industrial plants.

Testing, repair, overhaul and maintenance.

Borescope inspection and assessment of existing units.​

Power Generation


A well-equipped library of relevant international standards, standards of major clients and product catalogues are maintained and upgraded from
time to time for reference.
Computer facilities and latest version of Software including AutoCAD and Primavera are available and are extensively used for design ,
technical services and project planning/ monitoring activities


Skilled and talented work force combined to work for a common goal to achieve a standard and quality in the fabrications of structural, piping and
other fabrications.
Adequate resources have been allocated for valve testing, panel mounted instrument assembly, calibrations, painting, sandblasting and storage.
The workshop is equipped with all the equipment, machinery and lifting facilities.


A large number of specialty machines and tools for different categories are owned and maintained for movement of men and materials.
Included in these are sufficient number of construction and lifting equipment, site construction works and plant installations, workshop equipment,
electrical and instrumentation test equipment, and various required tools and machineries.


“Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal”. To achieve this goal our Quality Assurance Program encompasses all aspects of operations.
To demonstrate our long-term commitment to quality, the company has brought its practices, procedures and manufacturing programs in line with
ISO 9000 series of quality standards


A well-equipped training room with all the training aids necessary forin-house upgrading of knowledge and skills required in today’s environment of
advanced changes in technology equipment designs and techniques. Concerned personnel are regularly deputed to attend courses and workshops
arranged by manufacturers and other reputed organizations to make them conversant with state-of-the-art equipment and day-to-day technological


We Practice the philosophy that all accidents and consequent losses are preventable by conscious safety efforts in every activity undertaken by
Consideration and observance of safety practices are part and priority of every job.


We are an approved contractor for various categorized jobs for major clients in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation. The
approvals are obtained and continually upgraded with the clients based on evaluation of capabilities, track records and performance.


Supported by:

• Distributor agreements with GE Aero for LM and TM engine and package parts
• Distributor agreement with GE Oil & Gas for Frame Gas Turbine and NuovoPignone Compressor units


GE- NP GE10 11.25 MW
GE- NP - FRAME MS1002 ( 5 MW)
GE- NP - FRAME MS3002 (14.2 MW)
GE- NP - FRAME MS5001 (26.2 MW)
GE- NP - FRAME MS5002 (C,D,E) (28.3,32.5,30.5 MW)
GE- EP - FRAME MS6001B&C (42.1 MW).
GE- EP - FRAME MS9001E(126.1 MW).
GE- AERO TM2500 (22.2 MW).
GE- AERO LM2000, LM2500, LM2500+ (18, 22.2, 31 MW)
GE- AERO LM6000 PC&PD and SPRINT (43 and 50 MW)
Rolls Royce AVON 1533, 1534,1535(12,15,15MW)
ABB 13 D (67 MW)
Hitachi - H25 (25 MW)

*Oil & Gas:

Baghdad Company has skilled and talented work force to carry-out services related to maintenance and rehabilitation work for:
• Gas Turbine packages
• Turbo Compressor (TC) Packages ( Centrifugal Compressors) (Natural Gas )
• Turbo pumps (TP) Packages (Crude Oil )
• Power generation equipment parts
• Auxiliary equipment

Baghdad Company has Distributor Agreement with NUOVO PIGNONE S.P.A.
Number MEIR-BAO7- 751 effective 20th July 2007.
Covers parts and equipment
- Frame 1
- Frame 3
- Frame 5

GE O&G Products (GE NP Centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors, TD lines of products, RF, BARI Pumps& Valves, PII)