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Site HSE Engineer:

  • Reports directly to the Site Manager and indirectly to the Head Office.
  • Manage and coach the site HSE department.
  • Assure site is complied with TBC Integrated HSE Management zSystem Manual (ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001).
  • Interface with CLIENT and other parties through all phases of the contract in regards to HSE issues.
  • Understand, Comply, communicate to all personnel and work towards achieving TBC HSE Policy.
  • Direct responsibility for assuring compliance with site HSE plan, work instructions, HSE contractual obligations and local HSE rules and regulations for all TBC site employees including subcontractors. In the event of any difficulty, site HSE Engineer shall provide early warning to the purposed corrective actions.
  • Ensure that requirements of the site HSE plan are met and advise the site manager of any nonconformance.
  • Prepare TBC internal and external HSE reports and documents.
  • Be familiar with all aspects of International HSE Regulations, TBC and CLIENT operational HSE plans and procedures.
  • Develop procedures for implementing the Site HSE Plan and manage the program on a day to day basis.
  • Report concerns regarding the implementation of the site HSE Plan to the Site Manager.
  • Establish and maintain a professional relationship with CLIENT HSE Representative and TBC Subcontractor safety personnel and management team and all other involved parties.
  • Monitor TBC and their subcontractor’s compliance to site HSE plan.
  • Establish a system of audits to measure the effectiveness of the HSE Plan and ensure the requirements are being effectively communicated throughout the work force.
  • Control a monthly HSE budget and report purchases to the Site Manager.
  • Provide direction for HSE training including the induction of all site personnel.
  • Develop the HSE awareness of all personnel employed on the project and ensure their participation in all aspects of the HSE program.
  • Review and develop site construction plans and procedures from HSE point of view.
  • Communicate HSE responsibilities to all site personnel.
  • Conduct regular field inspections of construction activities (including Subcontractors) for compliance with CONTRACT, existing permits, approvals, and other applicable HSE regulations and commitments. 
  • Document non-compliance and corrective actions.
  • Maintain records of all documents and reports related to HSE.
  • Monitor site activities and ensure compliance to site HSE Plan.
  • Lead Incident investigations and prepare related reports.
  • Represent TBC HSE department in meetings with CLIENT and other parties.
  • Ensure TBC subcontractors are qualified in terms of HSE and monitor their HSE performance and inspect their work activities at site, to fulfill their compliance to the site HSE Plan. 

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Site HSE Supervisor:

  • Reports directly to Site HSE Manager/Engineer.
  • Responsible of site inspection and to be alerted of changes to site status, and identify nonconformities and follow required corrective actions with related personnel in charge.
  • Report unsafe conditions and follow required mitigation measures.
  • Organize on site Toolbox talks and provide knowledge, support and advice to all site personnel in regards to HSE.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and monitoring of risk assessment.
  • Monitor, advise and train site personnel for the implementation of PTW procedure and document all PTW`s.
  • Requisition of basic safety, first aid, and fire prevention equipment to be standby at the site store. Ensure that each engineer /supervisor provide, use, and maintain the equipment necessary to safeguard the operations under their direction.
  • Understand, Comply, communicate and work towards achieving TBC HSE Policy.
  • Conduct daily inspections of site, workshops, camp, offices, materials, stock yards, protection barriers, equipment, tools, barricades and signs. Inspections and relevant corrective actions shall be documented and reported to site HSE Engineer/Manager.
  • Update HSE Department records and files.
  • Post required safety signs in all areas after evaluation of each area/task relevant hazards and required control measures.
  • Issue and document/track safety violation warning tickets and report to Site HSE Manager/Engineer.

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